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The Deadly Hours

Four seasoned authors join forces in The Deadly Hours, an anthology of atmospheric historical mystery novellas connected by a cursed watch and the trail of murders that follow it through time. The watch, made from gold violently stolen during the 1697 raid of Cartagena, must pass through the four elements to be freed from the curse. While each story is complete on its own, reading all of them provides the closure and justice that mystery readers crave.

With the exception of the last, each novella follows a couple from the author's established books. In Susanna Kearsley's 1733-set Weapon of Choice, Jacobites engage in some political subterfuge. Anna Lee Huber's In a Fevered Hour centers on her 1831 mystery-solving anatomist Lady Darby. Christine Trent's 1870 undertaker heroine from her Lady of Ashes series unearths the watch in Pocketful of Death. The final novella, C.S. Harris's Siren's Call, introduces new characters in 1944 and not-so-gently guides the watch to its final resting place. Each time the watch reappears, murder follows. Readers will enjoy puzzling along with the protagonists. Is the watch truly cursed? Or is it one big coincidence?

Each novella retains the qualities of the author's distinct voice, and series fans will be eager to watch familiar characters solve a case with a touch of the paranormal. These authors write stories with similar tones and themes, so readers unfamiliar with one or more of the authors may just find a new favorite. --Suzanne Krohn, editor, Love in Panels